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Memories of Marianne


So many wonderful times we had in the last 57 years! You completed my life as my best friend forever. I love you, I miss you.

Rest in Peace, my friend, until we meet again.

Liz Furnell-Cummings

Aunt Marianne to me always represented what I believed an aunt or uncle should be. She exuded warmness, comfort, kindness, and a willingness to put aside personal comforts for familial interactions. Life had its roller coaster rides for her and her family, I know, but Marianne always did a great job focusing on the most important goals and her family. I love her. I am grateful for Jesus Christ and our ability to see her in her perfect state again one day.



I miss my sweet Marianne so very much! She was my travel buddy and my Thelma. We enjoyed several trips to Nauvoo and two really fun cruises. She accepted me, warts and all. I could call her any hour day or night and she would be right there for myself and my family. She loved my girls especially my youngest daughter Hope who fondly called her Momma Marianne. To say I will miss her is an understatement! I am grateful for every moment I was blessed to call her friend and “Sista”!

Christina Evens

I met Marianne when we were moving into Kerr Hall at SFA in August of 1979. Girls were everywhere lugging boxes, bags, bins and suitcases, but there was this one curly-haired blonde who stood out, she was radiant and beautiful, and happiness was written all over her face! I was delighted to discover that she was my next door neighbor! Marianne and Liz became my first dorm friends, and as my roommate and I didn’t get along well, I probably spent more time in their room than I did my own!

Rowena Winfrey

The few months she lived with my family were the best times! We laughted, watched movies and played with her cat tucker! She also got us hooked on the happy planner! Now everytime I write in my calender I always think of my favorite aunt! I wish we could have had more time together but I will always cherish the times we did have! Love you with all my heart, until we meet again!

Shawnee Hetherington

Aunt Marianne left a legacy of kindness and selflessness to not only her family but all others as well. She instilled confidence and hope in you through loving support and conversation. She mothered 4 wonderful children and the entire family has helped my life immensely. Until we meet again.

Lewis Goodrum

I don't remember when Marianne first came to Peter Pan Nursery School in Garland, TX, but I do have a vague memory of a few of us (she included), playing outside and singing and making arm movements to the song, "I've Been Working On The Railroad". Tiny Marianne in the bunch, singing away happily, with the rest of us.

She was always happy. And, as we grew, definitely the "leader" of the two of us.

She taught me how to make "Mud Pies", as we sat (her in a dainty white dress), on the side of Mom and Pop's house on JoAnn.

My precious Marianne!

Julie Daniel

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